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There are many reasons to use mini storage and of course, most of them revolve around space…or lack of it! At one time or another, we’ve probably all faced the dilemma of not having enough space to keep all the things we want to keep, even if we don’t necessarily want to keep them on hand at all times

The problem:

Whether you live in an older-style home or a modern apartment or unit, you will have a common problem.
Residential dwellings by necessity have minimal storage space.
Consequently, every nook and cranny quickly attracts items that cannot be disposed of because they are either required occasionally, or have sentimental value.
The end result is your personal living space which was once open and airy suddenly takes on the characteristics of being cluttered and ‘too small’ for comfort

The Melbourne Mini Storage Solution:

personal storage melbourneHowever, anything and everything that does not need to be available or accessed immediately can be stored at our Mini Storage facility in East Brunswick within just a few minutes drive or tram trip, and still be accessible as required.

For example, when winter arrives, instead of keeping your bikes and surf skis in the garage, and putting the car out on the street, they can be stored just up the road and are still accessible as required.

Similarly during the summer, your winter clothes and sports equipment can be stored in your storage unit while the bikes are at home to take advantage of the good weather and daylight saving.

Our residential and personal storage solution in East Brunswick applies equally well to a range of other storage problems that you may face, including storing and protecting your valuable goods when building or renovating, storage of lifestyle or hobby items, going away on an extended holiday, relocating abroad for an extended period or de-cluttering if your home is going on the market.

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