Storage Boxes, Etc

Melbourne Mini Storage in Brunswick East has a competitively-priced range of commonly-used merchandise to pack and store your goods securely whilst in transit or storage. Check out our products and price list below:

Tea Chest Carton $6.00

The most commonly – used box when moving or storing, tough twin cushion cardboard, ideal for domestic international and office moves
H 596mm
W 406mm
D 431mm

Book/Wine Carton $4.00

Sturdy single layer box, ideal for packing books, DVD’s, CD’s or wine
H 431mm
W 298mm
D 406mm

Archive Box $4.40

One piece assembly (no tape required). Strong all-purpose storage and archive box designed for stacking.
Double thickness base, built-in carry handles and hinged lid
H 260mm
W 306mm
D 390mm

Porta-Robe $16.50

Packing your wardrobe has never been easier with this strong twin cushioned port-a-robe.
No folding of clothes necessary, just hang them directly onto the steel rail included

Packing Tape $4.50

Has good adhesion, long lasting with low deterioration.

Brass Padlock $11.00

Secure your mini storage unit with our ABLE high security padlocks, made of solid brass, double locking, stainless steel springs, hardened chromed steel shackle

Storage Bag $3.50

Flexible, light carry bag with handles, ideal for all-purpose storage.

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