Ways to Avoid Mini Storage Nightmare

Renting a mini storage unit is nothing like buying a house or anything that entails a huge investment. Yet, it could be holding a trove of priceless items – heirloom pieces, expensive seasonal sports gears, important documents, etc. –  that you would want to protect from being damaged while not being used. It is for this reason that you would want to make sure your choice of mini storage facility is right. What are the factors to consider when comparing or picking the storage facility in Melbourne?

  • On-site specialists: It is recommended that you rent a storage unit from a facility that has a customer service representative or a hands-on manager to answer your concerns before signing any contract, booking or making a payment. It is important that you understand the contract before signing it, especially the part in fine print, and the best way to do that is to be able to seek clarification from someone who has the training or authority to provide answers.
  • Safety: Since you are considering storage to protect your priceless and valuable items, the farthest thing that you would want is for any of them to be stolen or damaged by pests or natural elements. Inquire about the security features of the facility – the CCTV monitoring system, security of the entrances/exits (such as pin-coded electronic security gates), fire compliance, etc. Check the other safety and security features, such as the access to the unit areas if these are restricted to unauthorized persons.
  • Convenience: It can be assessed using two criteria – location that’s easy to find and a structure that can easily be accessed. With regards the location, you would want the mini storage to be close enough to your house or office, depending on what you are storing and how frequent you need to access your stored items. You should also consider how to get there if you are commuting. If you are using a wheelchair, check their disabled/wheelchair access. If you are usually stowing bulky or heavy items, make sure they have trolleys to make loading and unloading easier.
  • Cleanliness: Practical people who are looking for low rates may be tempted to rent out units in a cheap, but dirty facility. If you are to choose a storage facility, make sure it is clean and well-maintained. Busted bulbs, litter, broken windows/glass, neglected structures, decrepit wall paints, etc. are signs that the management may not really care what happens to your stored items. Dirty facilities may also be a breeding ground for pests that can potentially damage your valuable items or business goods.

Imagine opening your storage unit; you expect to find your valuables in the same state as when you stored them. It would nightmarish to see them damaged by seeping rain water or pests, or worse, with a broken lock and an empty unit. This nightmare can be avoided if you will consider these important factors when choosing a mini storage facility.

If you live in Melbourne or its suburbs, there is one name in mini storage that you can trust – Melbourne Mini Storage (MMS). MMS has state-of-the-art security features, it is conveniently located in Brunswick East, it is clean, and it has a customer service that will attend to your needs when you visit, call  (03 9041 0371) or book with us online.

Self Storage in Melbourne

Self storage for Smart Entrepreneurs

self storageAre you in need of additional space for your stocks but still tight on cash? If you have a business in Melbourne that’s starting to pick up, the solution does not lie on getting a bigger premises that would certainly cost you a huge overhead. You should try an alternative solution that’s smart, practical and that works. Why not try self storage?

The Concept

“Self Storage” shorthand for “Self-service Storage”. Being “self-service” means you can cater to your own needs. You can pick your kind of storage space that can meet your needs, manage the space and access it easily. This storage concept works for many successful businesses around the world. It is an innovative approach borne out of a need to downscale and cut back expenses during times of financial constraint.

It is adopted by many businesses with operations in smaller, yet expensive commercial premises. Using a storage service that can hold the bulk of stocks or archives of other less frequently used records and items is genius. This way, you are not pressured to rent a bigger premises to accommodate your growing inventory.

How Will it Work for You

  • Enjoy maximum benefits for less. The rental for self storage is generally inexpensive and does not require a bond. It is perfect for businesses that wishing to curtail overhead costs. You don’t need a big investment to pay for yearly leases; just pay for the service on a month to month basis. If you can pay in advance or get to lease the storage for a longer term, ask for a discount for even more value.
  • Security at no additional cost. Keeping all those stocks in your shop can be so risky you need to get them secured round the clock. Renting a self storage relieves you of that costly but necessary obligation. Mini storage facilities can warrant security with their CCTV cameras, round-the-clock security, and other measures. You also get to secure your own storage using your own padlock or locker key.
  • Accessibility. Despite the out of the city location, these facilities are usually conveniently located. For instance, in Melbourne there is a mini storage located right in Brunswick East that can cater to your business’ growing needs for storage. This is an ultra modern facility that makes movement of items and accessing your storage easily and quickly.
  • Right storage size to suit your needs. There is a wide array of options available for you – from the size of a mini or maxi locker to rooms up to 9 cubic meters. This means you don’t need to pay for a space you don’t need or use. Need a bigger space because the business is booming? Then upgrade to a bigger storage when the need arises; that is easy and sensible.

Indeed “necessity is the mother of invention” and recession breeds unique success stories from among the smart entrepreneurs around the world. With a slow economy, the entrepreneurs of this generation need alternatives; self mini storage in Melbourne sounds just like an option you can easily use.

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