The team at Melbourne Mini Storage are experts in commercial and business storage. Starting and maintaining a business involves a substantial investment. As your business grows, you’ll need additional business storage space for your stock and archival records.

Why move to a bigger business location when you can easily rent a storage unit at Melbourne Mini Storage? Renting a larger space will increase your financial outlay – which is not smart, especially for small businesses. Affordable commercial and business storage – in the short term or longer term – can be a cost-effective alternative. If your business is doing well in its current address, you probably don’t want to take the risk of relocating so some external storage may be the logical answer.

Melbourne Mini Storage allows you to grow your business without the burden of expanding your current premises.

Mini-storage units offer cost-saving options for you to pay only for your actual space requirements. It’s a flexible solution, since you can pick the right size now, and later transfer to a bigger (or smaller) unit as needed.

Check out the Storage Size and Price Guide to find out what will work for you.

Store office clutter with our business storage

Benefits offered by Melbourne Mini Storage:

Choose your options: Melbourne Mini Storage offers several options to meet your commercial and business storage needs. You can lease a unit for a month or long-term without worrying about long lease commitments or an expensive security bond.

Save money: Mini Storage is much cheaper than renting a warehouse with excessive space your business may not need. You will pay only for the actual amount of space you need, and preserve business cash flow.

Free up space: Moving your inventory and archival documents can free up space that you can use for more efficient operation.
Improve productivity. Getting seldom-used stuff stored safely in the Melbourne Mini Storage facility will result in a more organised and uncluttered space, improving productivity.
Enjoy flexibility. Reducing or increasing your storage space is straightforward. Melbourne Mini Storage allows you to change units (storage space) to meet your changing business needs.

Access your stuff when you need it: Our facility is located in a convenient inner-north location.  Access to our facility is easy and convenient with its onsite parking and loading bay.
Melbourne Mini Storage Services can be a big plus for your business.

Save yourself time and money while reducing stress: Use Melbourne Mini Storage for your commercial and business storage and grow your business.
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