Do You Need More Storage Space?

Give yourself room to move and expand your personal living space or workplace!

  • maybe you need to de-clutter your home or office
  • reduce time wasted trying to find things that have become buried in “stuff”
  • reduce your stress and the chance of “flare-ups”

Obtain real savings – only pay for the storage space that you really need!

  • Residential
  • Personal 
  • Business 
  • Commercial 

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Features of Melbourne Mini Storage

  • owner-operated, state-of-the-art mini self storage in East Brunswick
  • easy access to your goods (we’re open at hours to suit the majority of our customers)
  • easy-to-find location
  • undercover loading/unloading with trolleys available for easy handling of goods
  • complimentary goods receipt/dispatch services
  • disabled/wheelchair access
  • CCTV monitoring system
  • 24-hour back-to-base security
  • safe and secure access to unit areas for customers only, via pin-coded electronic security gates
  • your own padlock & key to your own unit at our state of the art facility in Brunswick East
  • fully fire-compliant
  • off-street customer parking

At times we can all find our lives becoming more cluttered than we would prefer. Whether at home or at work the need to find a way of clearing some of the space that is taken up by “stuff” becomes a major problem.

While there are many things around the home or office that are able to be sold, given away, donated to a charity or simply dumped, very often there are some items that we simply feel must be stored away – these may be archive business records, things with a strong sentimental value or perhaps hobbies or toys that aren’t needed until next season.

In any of these cases, a flexible, low cost storage service may be just what you need.

Our facility offers many options to meet these needs – so contact us to find out just how we can help you!


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