Storage solutions to suit you

Melbourne Mini Storage has been helping families, couples, singles and professionals who need to relocate with their residential and personal storage for 12 years. Our friendly team will look after your belongings as if they were their own. Whether you’re moving house, moving interstate or want to declutter – we’re here to find storage solutions that let you keep the things that you can’t part with.

Declutter and store with us

Feng Shui experts recommend that clearing your home of clutter liberates the trapped energy and transforms your life. De-cluttering your home creates space that will allow better energy flow, releasing negative thoughts and emotions that can be slowing you down. Whatever you may think of Feng Shui, scientific studies do back up the basic message.

Using scientific tools to track the responses to clutter stimuli, science has shown that clutter can interfere with psychological processes such as the ability to focus and process information. Clutter in your life is even a validated source of stress.

Whatever you believe in, one thing is clear, clutter is not good at all. Unfortunately, most people can’t help but accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. This becomes the source of their clutter.

Even the most frugal individuals can amass unbelievable mementoes in a lifetime; can you imagine what home is like for shopaholics and hoarders?

Most homes don’t have enough storage space

Regardless of your residence type, you will probably eventually have a problem with clutter – having more stuff that you can keep in your home without sacrificing valuable space.

It is common for old homes to have minimal storage fixtures and features. Meanwhile, modern homes are also mostly lacking in space.

Prices of real estate are spiralling; every square metre is getting more expensive. If you haven’t noticed, most newly-built homes in the inner-city are getting smaller. It is becoming a lifestyle choice for city-dwellers to live in units flats and apartments; all of which have small floor areas, and most often with less storage too.

Let us be your storage room

If you live in an apartment or unit in Melbourne you’ll know that there isn’t always enough room for all your things, no matter how ruthless you are with decluttering and tidying. Keeping boxes at your parent’s house or a friend’s place isn’t really an option – that’s where Melbourne Mini Storage can help. If you live in an older and more spacious home – lucky you – but chances are you may still be struggling to store everything – especially all the things most of us collect over a lifetime. And of course, as you get older you might be considering downsizing – a storage unit at Melbourne Mini Storage can be a great temporary solution while you sort out everything or manage to pass on some stuff to friends and family (or get your grown children to come and get their things!).

Renovating? You’ll need some storage for that too. When a house facelift or major renovation is on the cards at your place, you should arrange for your expensive furniture and personal effects to be spared damage from builders, exposure on your back porch or from theft.

Active families keep more stuff – it’s a fact. Families who travel a lot or spend a lot of time outdoors have possessions such as skis, surfboards, kayaks, etc, as well as sports gear and all the clothes to match –  wetsuits, ski jackets etc. These items are often seasonal – things that aren’t needed until the next season or adventure. In the meantime, all these cause clutter. Without proper storage, these possessions can be subject to deterioration and damage. A local residential and personal storage unit is a must for families that want to remain sane and have a tidy house.

Check out the Storage Size and Price Guide to find out what will work for you.